Build your own 1581 disk drive!

(without power supply, $34.95)

Just add any PC 3.5 inch drive!

Kit Includes:

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Upper and lower case with Logic board and faceplate
  • External 1581 / 1541-II  power supply
  • Serial cable to chain into your system (while supplies last)
  • Expert Technical Support
  • 90 Day Warranty through us
  • Optional JiffyDOS ROM for $32.95 more 
Replacement Parts:

Power Supply Only  (120VAC)           $24.95
Upper Case Only                                    $6.95
Lower Case Only                                    $7.95
1581 Logic Board Only                        $19.95
Serial Cable Only                                    $8.95
Bulk 50 pack 3.5" DSDD Diskettes:  $15.00

Upper/Lower/Faceplate Shells only for: DTV project box, etc.           $15.95

Upper/Lower/Faceplate Shells only: Scratched/sliced Face!!!          $ 9.95

Recommended drives: Chinon Model FB354, or  Panasonic JU257 (NO SUB#'s!)

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Finished 1581

Values for shipping calculator

Box sizes and weights:

QTY                    ITEM                         Box size (inches)    Weight (Lbs.)
1 case (20pcs)     1581 kits NO P/S     19x14.5x12 inch      41-lbs
1-5pcs (in 1 box) 1581 kits NO P/S      13x11.5x6 inch       3-lbs(each)
1-3pcs (in 1 box) 1581 kits C/W PSU   13x11.5x6 inch       5.5-lbs(each)

1-2pcs (in 1 box)   1581 PCB only        12x6x2 inch           2-lbs(each)